Founder of Mastering Harmony Centre and Psycho Sensory Clinic. Multidisciplinary holistic mental health practitioner, polymath, endoflife doula, trauma therapist, artist, multiinstrumentalist, and transformative coach.

He has been helping individuals and groups restore an original balanced state of wellness, inner peace, joy and harmony to their everyday lives since 2005.


Having travelled and worked in over 85 countries, Sabio has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering performances, workshops, education, and retreats worldwide.

His approach to therapy is to analyse and investigate each case holistically and separately to achieve positive results. He encourages individuals to take the time to tune into themselves and reclaim their harmony, as no one can do it for them.


My Mission is to empower individuals to take control of their mental health and guide them toward achieving their highest potential. Thanks to my holistic approach and evidence-based techniques, I strives to provide a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental space for his clients to build resiliency, insight and understanding. I am  committed to providing individualised care tailored to each person’s unique needs and fostering a supportive and collaborative relationship with each of his clients.


“By desiring harmony, you will balance your life. By becoming harmony, you can change the world.”

Sabio Janiak


Havening Techniques®️Practitioner, Cellular Resonance Therapy(CRT), Internal Family System(IFS), Hypnotherapy, Kinetic Shift, Voice Analysis, Laughter Therapy, Chinese Medicine, NGM, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Nada Yoga, Qi Gong Clean Language, Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Tuning Forks Acupuncture, Paida Lajin, AMN-Applied movement Neurology



Behavioural and habitual difficulties

Emotional difficulties

Psychosomatic disorders

Trauma, Anxiety

Stress, Anticipatory

 Grief, After Death Grief 

Death and the end of life journey, PTSD, Phobias

Biological Conflict Resolution

Stress and Frustration

Improving Low Self-Esteem

Letting go of attachments

Breakups, Betrayal, Divorce

Pet loss, Sleep disorders

IBS, Autism

Improving low self-esteem Increasing  mindfulness 

Finding self-love
Letting go of attachments
Inner smile activation 

Body Activation  

Voice Activation Stress and anger management 

Grief and shame resolution

Increasing dopamine, serotonin.







Workshop Programs 

Voice, Movement/Dance, Breathwork, 

Laughter & Nada Yoga, Inner Artist Program, Ki Flow,

Sound  Journeys

 Music Sound and Vibration 

Live Music Service 



It is my passion to explore the phenomena of vibration, sound and light, and how they relate to different states of our minds and bodies. By slowing down our brainwaves, we open a doorway to the subconscious and superconscious parts of ourselves. In this space, the exchange of information between the conscious and nonconscious parts of ourselves is possible. During our session, I will guide you through a stepbystep process, teaching you how to establish this communication. With this newfound ability, you can make meaningful and lasting changes in your life, as you seek to remove what no longer serves you.



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